Thursday, October 31, 2013

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Is it Thursday already? I don't know about you, but I thought October flew by. Not that I am complaining. I start getting warm and tingly Christmas feelings on the first of November. My husband insists we hold off any celebrations until after Remembrance Day. In theory I totally agree, but that hasn't stopped me from sneaking a few Micheal Buble Christmas Album dance parties with Violet while he isn't looking.

Now look at me talking about Christmas on Halloween Day. How rude! Violet would be quite miffed I'm not giving one of her favourite holidays due credit. So, Happy Halloween, everyone! We have the most amazing carved pumpkin (courtesy of my brother and his lovely girlfriend) and Violet is the cutest queen around. (She is wearing a princess costume, but she has to be the boss so she's calling herself the queen.) I bought treats and play dough for little visitors tonight, but Jeffrey insists our house will get egged (or worse) if I hand out the later. He firmly believes kids do not want play dough. Maybe not, but as a mum I appreciate the less sugary treats and so I am doing my part!

And now for some weekday reading:

Our pumpkin is amazing, but these jack-o-laterns up the ante.

Have you seen the website, "reasons my son is crying"? I could have contributed to this so many times. Very funny.

Lena Dunham on takeout. Anyone else getting excited for January...

Hilarious parody of the popular Lorde song, Royals. Sorry Torrie friends. Wait, do I have any of those ;)

Jeff and I watched The Way, Way Back last weekend and I loved it. Check it out if you like coming-of-age stories.

Have you ever baked donuts? Jeff told me no more pumpkin, so I'm thinking apple baking will tie me over until gingerbread is socially acceptable (November 12th?)

The only thing cuter than a dog in a costume is a whole gallery of dogs in costume.

xo Em

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