Friday, October 4, 2013

Oh, hello weekend

I thought a breakfast shot was perfect for a Friday post, given my obsession with pancakes and all (1/2/3)! What can I say? Ponds love breakfast food! Violet is actually trying to recreate a scene from Sheree Fitch's book Mabel Murple, you know, the one where she eats "Mabel's purple maple syruple". She basically just looks crazy, but since I am her mum I think it is crazy in the most adorable way ever.

Birthday party season seems to be upon us, so Violet and I will spend a good chunk of Saturday eating cake and then crashing from our sugar highs. It should be good times. We also have a play date or two lined up, so all in all the weekend is looking promising. If you note a serious lack of testosterone in our plans, you'd be right. Jeff has started studying again. Oh man, being a good wife is so hard! I want to tell him to slack off and come play with us, but I'm forcing myself not too. (Wife of the year?)

What are you up to this weekend? Any fun fall festivities? That reminds me, we really have to get to the valley. It is the nicest this time of year, huh? So many leaves to see and pumpkin spice lattes to drink, so little time.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!



ps -- just a few snapshots of my favourite subject below, and some fun reading of course!

Weekend Reading

These muffins look awesome, take or leave the yoga ;)

I made curried coconut carrot soup this week -- so yummy

Love this link about infertility

This video is the cutest (and it reminds me so much of my friend's daughter)

I want this sweater now!

Also, very excited for Girls to start (only Tina Fey could make it better!)

{she was afraid of these last year}
{now she dominates them in her badass biker jacket}
{two cuties}
{still the cutest cheeks in the YHZ!}

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