Thursday, May 2, 2013

hello again

{we've been busy...and a little stressed, can you tell?}
{yes, that is a blender. I was right there. obviously}
{putting Violet to work, I can't believe I am showing you my dirty dishes}
{she makes doing dishes look so dang cute}
Greetings from Roome St! Remember how I said I wasn't too worried about the move...ah, ignorance is bliss. Holy, what a lot of work. We are still living amongst boxes, I expect that will last a few more weeks at least, but I am trying to roll with it (not my forte). You see, I've unpacked almost everything we have room for, but there are still pesky boxes full of our things littering almost every room (which begs the question, do we really need all this stuff. This is post-purge by the way.) Anyway, storage is not our sweet new home's strong suit so until I come up with some creative solutions, the boxes are the easiest way to minimize the chaos. Well, enough about that. (See why I haven't been blogging, no one wants to hear about the boxes in my living room!)

I actually started to write this post last night but I stopped. I was in quite the mood. My afternoon had gone from bad to worse and I couldn't figure out how to get pictures off Violet's ipad. I watched two episodes of The Mindy Project and went to bed angry. What happened yesterday afternoon you ask? Well, with 24 hours between us, she isn't looking quite so bad but the highlights included: accidentally calling 911 on my walk home from work and then having to repeatedly reassure the operator that I was fine, just out of breath from busting it home; a fender bender in the rotary that made me late to pick up little lady Vi (and I wasn't even involved in the accident); a late arrival home that made rice & lentils out of the question if we wanted to eat before bedtime; a last minute decision to make breakfast for supper foiled by the seventh of seven farm fresh eggs I cracked into a bowl being full of blood (sorry to spring that on you, it was absolutely shocking for me too, I almost vomited) and finally a very pathetic back-up to my back-up supper: toasted peanut butter sandwiches.

Wow, that sentence has a lot going on in it -- please focus on the content, not the grammar.

Today was much less eventful and for that I am grateful. Maybe we need terrible afternoons to remind us that the normal chaos of the work week is actually not that bad. It could be worse. There could be blood in your eggs (Blech!).

I'll leave you with that image.

Aren't you glad I'm back?



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