Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday links during move week

^^^ #fact

We are officially in "move week" mode on Newton Avenue. Brace yo'self.

I am being a good girl and packing tonight, but I wanted to share the links I lovingly curated (Ha!) for you this week. Slowly but surely our apartment is being taken over by brown boxes, which gives me an unwarranted sense of accomplishment. I still have much to do. Weirdly, I am being calm about this whole endeavour which is making my sweet husband nervous!

I don't love packing, but I do love throwing things away. Jeff not so much. Happily he is very busy becoming a financier (I literally cannot wait to call him that), so I am in charge of this move. Watch out clutter, I'm coming for you!

Have a lovely weekend friends, meet you back here on Monday. (I reserve the right to be in full blown panic mode by then. You understand.)

 According to the Internet:

I'm not the only one loving brogues for spring (Jeff is not loving them along with me)

People love Jennifer Lawrence as much as they hate Anne Hathaway

Women should stop thinking that their salary pays for childcare, hear hear

This recipe was made for me (as a lover of marzipan how have I never made frangipane?)

The Place Beyond the Pines is worth watching for Gosling alone **

**Not exactly what the review says, but a fact universally agreed upon by women. Am I right?

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