Monday, May 13, 2013

gluten-free Nutella cake

Blogger (the content management system I use to create this blog) lets me see how many people read each post I write. Without fail, the blog posts I write about food and/or recipes are the least popular...I know, shocking. I'm actually okay with this, I just assume the recipes are too intimidating and my execution of said recipes too precise for the lay person to try at home -- Ha! Yeah right. I actually have no idea why people aren't as into my posts about food -- people just really like stories about Violet making fun of my breasts I guess. I'll try to stick to those, but this cake, oh this cake, it is really too good not to share. So for my faithful friends who stuck with me past the title, I won't disappoint you. 

As you know it was mother's day on Sunday, and as you may recall my dear mother cannot tolerate gluten. What is a daughter to do when she is charged with making a gluten free dessert? Turn to Nigella of course. She really is a domestic goddess. Her torta alla gianduia (or as it is known around these parts "Nutella Cake") is absolute heaven in nine inch pan. 

This cake is not for the faint of heart -- you use an entire jar of Nutella, and not a small jar. To that entire jar of Nutella you add more hazelnuts (crush your own, come on, go get the food processor, you paid a lot for it, use it) and of course more chocolate...oh, and six eggs. Light this cake is not, but it was mother's day. My mother didn't birth three children to be treated to anything less than the most decadent cake known to man. The woman can't eat flour for goodness sake, she deserves two whole jars of Nutella to make up for all the bread she can't eat. Am I right?

Nigella waxes poetic about how easy this cake is, and though it is pretty straightforward, any recipe that requires you to crush your own nuts, temper chocolate, and do anything with egg yolks and egg white separately is not the same as a cake mix (unless you are Nigella). This is, however, a cake anyone can make and happily it is a cake many people can eat, even the gluten free among us.

If you have ever eaten Nutella by the spoonful, which is to say, if you are a woman, you will love this cake. It tastes like a richer, more substantial spoonful of Nutella. Despite the decadence of eating an entire jar of the brown stuff in one sitting, do recall Nutella is a breakfast food, which means it is totally acceptable to eat this cake before lunch. In fact, it is preferable to do so.

Here is the recipe for Nigella's Nutella Cake in all its chocolatey, gluten free glory:

You're welcome.