Friday, May 24, 2013

clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose



It's raining, it's pouring -- well, not this second it isn't, but it will all weekend.

I'm trying to remember, it could be worse

Maybe all this rain will force me to unpack the last few boxes in my basement, or tackle a few of the unfinished projects that I need to do before I can officially say we are moved in. That doesn't sound like very much fun though.

Making homemade ice cream, now that on the other hand, that sounds fun. Violet gave her daddy an ice cream maker for his birthday (totally a gift she benefits from too, I've taught her well). We are going to try cereal milk ice cream from my mother's day Milkbar cookbook. Trying to find freeze-dried corn might pose a problem and if it does my vote is that we try this yummy sounding mint-basil ice cream. I don't think that will fly with the youngest member of my family who has already requested Moon mist!

This is Jeff's last full weekend of studying, the big test is just over a week away. I can't say I'll be sad to have it over with. If you have a moment to whisper a prayer or send him some good finance vibes, they would be totally appreciated -- although he is pretty smart all on his own ;)

Have a lovely weekend friends, despite the rain.



According to the Internet:

Cats make sushi even cuter (and I don't even like cats)

Lunenburg is getting the exposure it deserves. I love that place.

It's the Saltwater time of year again...

Men are no longer charming (no spoiler alert needed ;)

...the previous link does not apply to my very charming husband

This weekend sounds perfect for transplanting perennials. Take the Globe's word for it, not mine!

This one is according to me, not the Internet: Eat these cupcakes (seen above), they are so so good. The icing is at once rich, but so so light. What do you think her secret is? Egg whites? Meringue? Whipping the icing within an inch of its life? Dang, I wish cupcakes were a vegetable.

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