Friday, May 17, 2013

clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose

{these were for sale at the market last week, that can't be allowed....}
Is it really Friday? Do we really have a long weekend ahead of us? Is that sun I see in the forecast?

Pinch me.

This weekend we will celebrate the fact that I will once again be only two years older than my beloved husband. Yup, Jeffy turns the big 2-8 tomorrow. We plan to celebrate by eating our favourite Jamie Oliver pasta and our go to birthday cake.

Here are a few things warming the cockles of my heart this fine May evening:
{picnics indoors}
I thought April was supposed to be shower month? I guess whoever made up that nursery rhyme did not live in Halifax. Despite the rain this week we managed to sneak in an indoor picnic in my favourite, but most under-utilized room in our house: the sunroom! Even simple sandwiches and veggies are fun when you are sitting on the floor. What is it about stadium blankets that makes food come to life?

{fresh herbs}
I love the beginning of growing season when my plants are still thriving from the care they received prior to my purchasing them. I intend to move these herbs outside in a few weeks but I couldn't resist planting them in an old wine box. I almost wish they would stay tiny enough to thrive this way forever. 

{stripes on stripes}
This girl, oh this girl. You know I have a penchent for stripes. My love is taken to a whole new level when the stripes are bright colours for Spring. How cute is she by the way?

Violet woke me up by crying. I asked her what was the matter and she told me she had a terrible dream. I asked her to tell me about it. It turns out she dreampt I wouldn't let her have a cinnamon bun at the farmer's market, instead I made her have trail mix. Sounds about right for any other day of the week, but on Saturday mornings I would never do such a thing.

Also, who cries about a cinnamon bun?!

Have a lovely weekend, friends. See you back here on Monday!



According to the internet:

Canadians do stripes proud

There are absolutely disgusting ingredients in processed food, sadly chocolate is not exempt from these atrocities

There are rules for hosting a dinner party (I like 3, 10, 17 and 19 best)

Kids are funny...and pretty mean, which is the best kind of funny sometimes (Thanks for the link Keira/ mindtwin)

Sophia Coppola's new movie looks intriguing

you can make fish and chips at home? kinda wish I didn't know that

You can also make your own energy bars, are you with me Bluenose runners?

Pinterest ruined bananas

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