Monday, May 20, 2013

May Long 2013

We celebrated a birthday, ran a race, made pancakes, hung some pictures and made our house feel more like home, froze our buns off at the playground, talked with Lou in China, planted tomatoes in our yard, hit some golf balls, walked in the rain, organized Violet's closet (total highlight of the weekend), went to the market and ran on the roof, watched numerous episodes of the Magic School Bus on youtube and generally enjoyed ourselves this weekend.

Good times were had by all. Correction, good times were had by most the majority of the time. (Just being honest.)

Ready for a good old fashioned photo dump?

I thought so.



{cutest golfer, possibly of all time}

{Jeff is literally in heaven}

{multiple cookbooks -- almost too much for this girl}

{Jeff's birthday gift -- he plans to unite his two loves (meat and alcohol) by hanging the print above our "bar"}

{this happened}
{making pancakes}

{I love this face}

{Vi and Nana picked these for me from our own garden. Note: I use the word garden loosely}

{walking with Ruby Tuesday}

{Violet racing a kid who was also on a stationary animal -- so competitive it is scary}

{her face froze that way}

{grown up kiddo on the swings}

{action shot}

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