Friday, May 31, 2013

clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose

The weekend is upon us again only this time we seem to be in for some hot, hot heat. Bring. it. on. I am so ready for a little shvitzing! There may also be some rain in the forecast, but when the temperatures are in the high twenties (thirties even), I'm okay with a few showers. We have a jam packed weekend full of dance recitals, play dates and our first trek to the PEI ferry. My sweet mum is taking Vi on a girls only sojourn to Anne's Land. I'm trying to be happy for them, but mostly I am just jealous. (You can send my mother of the year award to Roome Street, the previous sentence sealed the deal, didn't it...). 

Jeff also has his big test this weekend which means as of Saturday at 5:00 pm we are back to being a party of three. I'm pretty excited and I'll admit it, Jeff's honey-do list is the length of my arm. I blame the move, his four month hiatus from household duties and my two x chromosomes. 

Oh, and we have hot water again. Hot water, hot sunny days, hot husband back to myself tomorrow. Things are certainly looking up! Have a lovely weekend friends. Meet you back here Monday, okay?



(don't forget to scroll down if you want some reading material in the form of random links I've enjoyed this week!)

^^^bend it like Beckham, the smiling edition

^^we garden in the rain around here

^^^by we, of course I mean my mum and Violet

^^rainy days make the best curls

^^^love notes look like this these days

According to the Internet:

You should eat less meat

Newborn babies are not conscious...weird 

Guerilla public policy is the best

How The Coast came to be -- love this Halifax story

If you are around the city tomorrow check out Inkwell Boutique's open house. I love that little shop!

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