Tuesday, May 7, 2013


{busy girl, moving, making lunch for her babes, fitting in a dance class}
{making quiche}
{feeding her baby -- mouth open like a real mum}

Moving, even if it is only across the city, brings with it change. Change is not my favourite. We've heard it before: "be the change"; "change is the law of life"; "change is gonna come". Okay already, I get it, change is hard but good. I'm in the mood for something easy and good...got anything like that kicking around?

We are slowly settling in on Roome. We've devised some temporary solutions to our storage crises and, with the help of my friend, we've thought of some more medium term options. When we bought our house I thought it was pretty move-in ready, and for the most part it is, there isn't anything we absolutely have to do to be able to live comfortably. There are, however, a few more projects that I really, really want to do, as soon as possible...now, if possible. (Not possible.) I guess that is what you get when you buy an 80 year old house.

Violet is handling all of this change like an absolute champion. How cute is she playing in her dancing uniform. Cutest buns east of Duffus ;) She loves the new house (her room is the biggest and we have a "fort" in the yard) and she doesn't seem to miss Newton Ave. at all. My mum, the perennial teacher, wanted to buy Vi a book about moving, but when she surveyed the options all the kids in the books were angry about moving. She thought she better not let Violet know that anger is an option is situations such as these.

I don't think I can go as far as to say that I am liking all the changes our house has brought, but I am getting used to them and there are some awesome things about it that totally outweigh the new challenges. As you are well aware I love a good routine so I am sure once I get in the groove over here on Roome I'll be loving leaving for work at 6:45....




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