Friday, May 3, 2013

clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose

{things that remind me of some of my favourite people/the only organized space in my house}
I am so glad it is Friday. Last weekend, being moving weekend, wasn't very relaxing. (It was actually the opposite.) Even though we have lots to do to get settled in I plan on taking things slowly for the next two days. Violet and I have two birthday parties to attend, plus a visit from my friend who will hopefully inspire me to get this old place prettied up, other than that the name of the game will be unpacking at a leisurely pace. Unpack a box, play in the sun, unpack another box, make some granola bars...this will take awhile, but I need a little sanity back in my life!

Have a lovely weekend, friends. See you back here on Monday!



According to the internet:

This tool will help you choose better snacks (I still choose chocolate nine out of ten times)

We need to start using teasmades in North America. Amazing.

No one likes making lunches, period. 

Here's how to plan the perfect picnic.

Here's a clip of my favourite on-screen picnic. Beer, chicken, salt, Cary Grant...yes please. 

You can follow simple instructions and become a bonafide hipster.

Family traditions are important, so shut up and eat that plum pudding.