Tuesday, February 7, 2012

zuppa di giorno

{Ina's roasted vegetable soup, Ellen's homemade bread}

Jeff and I try to buy most of our meat at the farmer's market. Since we can't dine on nine dollar chicken breasts every night we've introduced lots of veggie options into our weekly menu. I will admit this endeavour has had varying degrees of success. A certain white bean and kale dish is easily the worst meal I have ever made. On the other hand we've found a few gems. Micheal Smith's rice and lentils are a family favourite -- they are filling and cost pennies to make. We've also discovered the joy of a simple soup. Seriously, I am filled with joy when I get home from work and all I have to do is reheat a soup we made on the weekend. So easy, so quick, so little mess.

Last Thursday it took Violet and I forever to get home after work. It was the first day of the transit strike and traffic was a nightmare (I know I risk sounding like a complainer, I am very grateful to have a car I promise). Anyway, when we got home Jeff was making dinner. Sweet husband, I thought.

I noticed that the soup pan was on the burner, and that the burner was on medium high heat. Curious, I thought.

"Hun, why is the burner on with nothing in the pan? " I asked.

"I am heating it up like I always do..." 

Jeff is undoubtedly a better cook than me. I was skeptical about this method but I was tired and Violet was cranky so I took her into the dining to colour while he made dinner.

A few minutes later I saw flames out of the corner of my eye. I heard Jeff scream, "What the cuss!"

"I told you that was I bad idea Jeff!" I yelled to the kitchen, the fact he might have been burned overshadowed by my indignation. 

I went to the kitchen and surveyed the damage - there were chopped vegetables everywhere.

Jeff gave me permission to share this story only if I didn't exaggerate. I want to say, and I truly believe, that there were vegetables all over the kitchen. He says they flew two feet max. Either way, Violet and I had nutella wraps for supper. Jeff had humble pie.

Seeing as he really is a sweet husband, Jeff sought to rectify the soup debacle this weekend. He made two delicious soups and popped them in the freezer. So tonight we enjoyed Ina Garten's roasted vegetable soup, no explosions. 

The soup is so easy. Roast vegetables, puree with warm chicken stock and enjoy. We used carrots, sweet potato and squash. When you buy the squash already cut up this soup takes almost no time. When you buy the whole squash it takes forever and you risk losing a finger - your call. We've made this soup four or five times and every time it tastes a little different. It depends on the ratio of the veggies. I like that it always changes it keeps things interesting - not as interesting as fire balls above the stove, but this is more my pace anyway.


{Simple and delicious}

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  1. Soup is one of my favourite winter meals! We love broccoli soup - so inexpensive and so tasty!