Monday, February 27, 2012

no ants!

{indoor picnics are best - in February that is}
When I left work tonight I had every intention of coming home and making an elaborate dinner. Well maybe not elaborate, but at least warm. That didn't happen. We had to stop at the grocery store on the way home to grab a few essentials and the slight detour coupled with the transit strike (major traffic by Halifax standards) meant that by the time we finally arrived I needed to get dinner on the table pronto.

What can I make quickly, I thought to myself. I did a mental scan through our pantry. Then it dawned on me - an indoor picnic.

Indoor picnics are the perfect antidote for snowy forecasts. Not to mention the fact that the novelty of the endeavour alone is enough to satisfy our littlest family member. Jeff and I quickly put together some sandwiches, cut up some veggies and grabbed an assortment of pickles. I wanted it to really feel like a picnic so we used our stadium blanket and one of my favourite wedding gifts, an insulated picnic basket.

Lounging on a blanket and enjoying a nice cold diet coke actually made it feel a little more like spring even if we were in our basement.  Knowing how thrilled Violet was that we were having an indoor picnic for supper, now that really warmed my heart.



{simple but fun}

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