Wednesday, February 22, 2012


{fruit rainbow: one idea for Violet's party snacks*}

“If throwing a birthday party is this much work imagine what it would be like to organize a really big party…”

“You mean like the wedding I planned…for us…six months ago…”


Oh Jeffrey.

Violet will be three next week. On Saturday we are hosting her first "littles-only" birthday party.  At 9:30 on Saturday morning a dozen three, four and five year-old children will descend on our tiny apartment for two hours of merriment. 

Two hours of chaos? 

I am scared.

Violet wanted a cupcake themed party. Actually, that isn't the whole truth. I may or may not have told her how cool it would be to have a cupcake themed party after I saw one on Pinterest (which I still don’t really know how to navigate). Violet loves to bake (like moi, I know, warm heart) and I thought the theme was cute without being over the top. I wanted a traditional home birthday party – nothing crazy, just some littles, some cake and a few presents.

Last night I bought close to a kilogram of sprinkles. I think I might have gone overboard…

I find myself caught between wanting to have a really fun party for Violet (and not knowing exactly what that would look like) and remembering that she will only be three, and she would likely be happy with a cupcake, a present and a few close friends. 

But, invitations have been sent, balloons have been ordered, tears have been shed about the color of said balloons, the balloon order has been modified – this party is happening.  

The party is in the morning but I want to serve a light lunch to the kids for two reasons. The first reason is so that their parents won’t hate me for filling their offspring up with sugar and then sending them home without anything substantial, and second is because eating will occupy them and I know what happens when littles are left to their own devises.

I’ve got a few ideas for snacks but I would love to have some suggestions. The only caveat is we have one nut allergy – so no peanut butter anything!

Wish me luck!

xo Em

* I will cut the grapes because I am paranoid like that! 

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