Thursday, September 5, 2013

summer to do list update {and the croup}

Well, it is officially freezing out. Today I actually don't mind the cold (hell just froze over, kind of like my house has in the last two hours). I'm home today because my sweet girl is sick with the croup. Apparently cold weather is good for nasty coughs. Have you ever experienced this horrible bug? She really gave us quite a scare last night. After some steroids and some sort of magic mask, she finally started breathing normally and we were able to head home. (Full disclosure, we got out of the ER at around 3:30am. Violet was absolutely starving. I was completely knackered and I had "no food" at home, just ingredients to make food. You understand. Anyway, we stopped at McDonalds and Violet got a happy meal. Just us and the frosh at McDonalds at that hour. So bad!)

We are home now of course and Violet is doing really well. In fact, she just sounds like she has a nasty cold, much better than sounding like she was drowning from the inside out. Poor peach.

Anyway, back to the original purpose of this post. (Wow, I am not longer used to operating on no sleep.) I've made pretty decent progress on my summer to do list. I seem to do better at to do lists full of fun things!

Here are a few highlights:

Jeff and I went to Melmerby Beach, just outside New Glasgow, sometime in early July. We had just dropped Violet off at the ferry, and despite the fact that we had rushed there after work we had a lovely, romantic stroll before making our way back to the city that night. What a pretty beach. It really reminded me of the beaches we frequent on the east end of the island (PE island, that is).

S'mores were made and enjoyed by all. However, at my sweet friend's wedding last weekend my eyes were opened to a whole new world of s'mores -- peanut butter cups? caramilk? get out of town! So trying those next summer.

So we didn't eat mussels on the beach as originally intended. We decided it was so messy and opted for dogs instead. We did, however, eat mussels on PEI, they were just deliciously sand-free. It was win, win so I shamelessly crossed it off my list.

{must have been a fun BBQ ;)} 

We haven't had a house warming party per se, but we did host several BBQs this summer. They almost all looked like the one you see above. Nothing fancy, but it is hard to beat turkey burgers, potato salad and chips -- gotta have chips.

I couldn't document all of our Ancaster related to-do list items (wedding dresses and such), but the cousins did have an amazing time together and the big girls got to have their sleepover. Violet and I are so blessed to have such a welcoming extended family. I love this picture because it shows two silly girls and the poor little guy who has to put up with them!

I'm not sure I'll finish everything on my list (it is getting a little cold for tubing), but it was fun to think about what we wanted to do this summer and then do it! The little things sometimes take some effort, but it is almost always worth it. Almost always, I will never sleep with Violet in the sunroom again. Worst sleep ever!



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