Monday, September 2, 2013

September Itch

We've been in our house for a few months now, and though there is lots to love, our home is 90 years old and has a quirk to match every charming feature. Now that summer feels like it is over (even though it isn't), I've been getting the itch to tackle a few projects around our house. This is our first kick at the home ownership can, so we don't really know what we are getting into, but I get the impression you have to strike a balance when it comes to home renovations. Not all renovations add to the value of your house, and you have to keep your neighbourhood in mind, and the price of houses similar to yours, before you jump right in. That hasn't stopped me from dreaming!

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There are a number of little projects we'll probably tackle in the near future -- painting mostly and dealing with our closets, but our three to five year goals for our house include: updating our pantry to match the rest of the kitchen, refinishing the floors in the kitchen, adding tile and a window to the bathroom and building a more useful deck. I'd also like to refinish the hardwood and take up the carpet on the main floor (hallway and stairs), but I can live with the floors the way they are.

We have no idea how much these projects will cost, or what box we will be opening once we start tearing out exterior walls and taking up floor boards. It is possible that we are being naïvely optimistic with our goals, but hey, they are just daydreams at this point.

Do these projects sound like good ideas? Would you want to buy our house if we completed them?!



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