Monday, September 23, 2013

cereal milk

I hate to brag, but my grandfather totally invented cereal milk. Milkbar ain't gotten nothing on Ron Harris. Pop has been infusing dairy with the sweet taste of toasted corn since 1984. True story. Remember when I told you about bed lunch? Well, bed lunch was typically vanilla ice-cream that had been *infused* with cornflakes. Okay, infused is one word for it. We aren't flashy people, us Harrises. We tended to say "ice cream with mashed up cereal in it", but that is only because we don't like to brag. Really we don't.

I have the Milkbar cookbook, I love me a piece of crack pie as much as the next girl, but I have to say, it is way easier to mash up cornflakes on ice cream than it is to locate glucose and freeze dried corn. Right?

I also think my Pop may have invented the Orange Julius, but I can't substantiate that, so I won't even get into it.



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