Wednesday, September 4, 2013

but I want new boots!

{long weekends are made for baking in the morning}
So remember a few days ago when I told you about all the fun projects we want to do on Roome St.? Well, those have been put on the back burner -- our oven stopped working! Drat! Silly homeownership. I want new fall boots not a new oven. (Although there are a few dream ovens {1/2} I would love to shop for, the regular old variety are less than inspiring.)

Violet and I were enjoying a lazy long weekend morning when we decided to make muffins. There really isn't enough you can say about a long weekend. That extra day? One of the best things in life. Anyway, I preheated the oven, mixed the batter with Vi and popped them in to bake. When the timer went off about twenty minutes later I looked into the oven at my sad little muffins and I thought, 'I must have forgotten an ingredient, they didn't rise'. Apparently my senses were a little off that morning and I didn't noticed I had placed my muffins in an ice cold box for twenty minutes. Silly me. Anyway, no baking since then (and since we don't have a microwave, there has been very little heating up in general).

We're hopeful we just need to replace a part, but until then we are eating stovetop and BBQ fare -- could be worse, lots of options, but it is hard to make sweets on the Q (and you know how I love me my sweets!).




  1. I just got back from vacation and almost every appliance in my house is falling apart. I am convinced there was an elf unscrewing the nuts and bolts on them. I want new winter boots too! I don't want to replace them.

  2. Isn't it the worst! Being a grown up is no fun! I tried to convince my husband we could BBQ year round -- forget the oven ;)