Wednesday, November 20, 2013

stocking stuffers


Warning: do not proceed if you are a believer (of the Santa Claus variety, of course).

Stockings are one of my favourite things about Christmas. They make me feel like a kid again. I'm lucky because my mum was the best sock stuffer. She had a knack for striking the perfect balance between things to eat, things to read, things to make various parts of your body soft and fun little Christmas trinkets. I only hope I can make Violet's sock as magical as ours were growing up.

Jeff and I actually still do stocking for each other. Do you do that? My parents never did, which makes sense because they are supposedly from Santa who never brings gifts for grownups. Anyhow, I find it harder stuffing a sock for a grown man. In case Jeff finds it equally hard stuffing my stocking I compiled a little list of ideas. It is pretty tailored to my taste, but you could use these as secret santa gifts too. Nothing is much more than $10.

How fun is it to think about the holidays? It makes me feel a little gitty!



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