Tuesday, November 26, 2013

stocking stuffers for men

I heard a lot of feedback from my lady friends and apparently I am not alone in my struggle to fill my husband's stocking. Girls are so easy! I often think, I wish I could fill my own sock. I've actually gone so far as to pick up a few things for Jeff to slip in there now and then.

Here is my best attempt at a stocking collage for my main man. I tried to find a few things to keep him warm on his walk home from work, a favourite beer, some golf balls to replace those lost this summer, a few kitchen tools he has mentioned, a favourite sweet treat, a cute mug, a movie I wouldn't watch with him and a maple candle which he told me  flat out he wouldn't want. I love it, and I know he would too if only he gave it a chance so I included it here.  Yes, he has seen this collage. I won't get these exact items, but this is at least a start, it will guide me when I actually brave the shops in the coming weeks.

Any other ideas?




  1. a magazine, lotto tickets, and a little lego kit are always solid ideas!

  2. Great ideas! I never would have thought of lego, such a good idea.