Thursday, November 14, 2013

weekday reading

Hi! How are you doing on this cool November day? Keeping warm I trust. Any November eggnog drinkers out there? I've indulged in a bit of the yellow stuff myself. So festive. So warming. It really is beginning to feel a lot like you know what! We still have a moratorium on full on cheer in our house, but Violet has been working on her dad and we've infused our home with a few seasonal trinkets. That Violet, she knows the way to her daddy's heart. Such a great pawn for my Christmas plans...muahahaha.

Moving right along...

I have book club tonight, which I always look forward to. I am also looking forward to dinner since I really don't have to make it. We bought a frozen meal from the Little Red Kitch'n at the Seaport Market. Jeff wanted brisket with blue cheese gnocchi, I wanted something vegetarian, so we settled on Moroccan meatballs with quinoa -- meaty, but healthy! I've been waiting for this all week. I love cooking for my family, but I love not cooking for them almost as much. Is that bad?

And now for the good stuff. Here is some reading to tie you over until Parks and Rec starts:

The book our group read this month. So sad.

Adam from Girls, dreamy? Other words have come to mind...

Pasta for women of the night. Racy.

A how-to guide for Thanksgiving (the American variety), which I plan on using for Christmas

A beautiful video about adoption (get your tissues ready)

I want this tee pee for Violet, but it is pretty pricey. A few friends and I are going to attempt to make these instead.

Cute holiday craft ideas for kids (which I will probably never do, but I want to, I do!)

I wish I could knit

Since I can't knit, I want to buy this! (Although my awesome mother in law bought me the coziest blanket in the history of blankets. I refuse to share it with my family!).

Oh, big sale on J. Crew sale items. A deal on a deal? Sold.(Why are the best sales at the time of year when we are supposed to buy things for other people. No fair!)



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