Friday, November 8, 2013

weekday reading

Weekday reading...on a Friday...after I went on about the benefit of midweek posts. I am apparently not as good with schedules as I thought I was. Lots going on this week though. I'll fill you in on all that in good time, but for now week*end* reading for all!

If you don't have exciting plans tonight, read these:

What is your favourite holiday film? Too soon? Mine is White Christmas (although I love watching The Holiday every year with the women in my family.)

Speaking of the holidays, here is a pretty guide on how to build a cheese plate. I personally love medjool dates and would welcome them on any of your holiday spreads ;)

Enough with the thigh gap pressure. #nothappening #notenoughrunningtrailsintheworld

In defence of millennials (or in offence of stupid commentators!)

Why is everyone obsessed with French food? I've wondered this myself.

Never say goodbye (at a party, that is)

The Star reports on more than Rob Ford! A shout out to Nova Scotia native Lynn Coady. We grow writers good in these parts!

(Oh, and something about Rob Ford, because, well a mayor smoking crack is reason enough for this list!)

And because I can't possibly end with Rob Ford, what do you think of Decembrow? I like it!



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