Tuesday, February 12, 2013

family traditions

{Ellen's brown bread}

I made Ellen's brown bread on Saturday. It was so snowy and cold it seemed the only rational thing to do. I tried to convince my parents to brave the elements and come over for fresh bread and soup, but they were having none of it. My mum "one-uped" me with Maritime comfort food. She made baked beans.

When I was growing up we had baked beans and brown bread every Saturday night. When I was a teenager I thought this was possibly the lamest of all family traditions in the history of families everywhere. Now that I know the amount of effort that goes into both homemade baked beans and making bread I can't believe my mum found time to do it every week. She was a rockstar. My siblings and I been teasing my mum a lot lately, in good fun of course, but I hope she knows that we know how lucky we are.



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