Thursday, February 7, 2013


{who doesn't feel a little anxious in their swim suit!?}

Two as in second year of life. 

My birthday is approaching quickly and I have already come to terms with the fact that I won't complete my "to-do before thirty list", but I am trying not to let perfect be the enemy of good (hear that book club girls?!). Just because I know I won't get the list done, doesn't mean I won't keep chugging away.

I am home sick again. I really can't believe this flu. Even my lips feel sick. Anyway, I spent the morning in bed looking through pictures from Vi's second year of life, culminating with her second birthday. She was so darn cute at this age and so much fun. What the photos don't show are the tatrums, messes and meltdowns. That's okay, I like remembering it being a perfect time with a cherubic babe.

Give me a break, I'm still sick!

I'll warn you, there are way too many pictures here and they are in no particular order.



{Violet the Who} 
{first crayons}
{Violet and "Stirling"}
{winter beach walk}
{that finger}
{a flower in the flowers}
{handsome daddy} 
{still a babe}
{Frog Pond'ing}
{Vi of the jungle}
{Lou and Vi}
{the Harris double whammy}
{not feeling festive}
{overall fave}
{yee haw}
{melts my heart}
{what'd you say?} 
{oh that flower, sorry future Vi}
{cutest tongue}
{interpretive dance}
{stop growing little Vi}

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