Thursday, February 14, 2013


^^^ I know the way to my husband's heart
We've had a pretty low key Valentine's day over here on Newton Ave. After a failed batch of pink buttercream last weekend, I sort of threw in the towel on V-day. This morning I felt a little guilty I hadn't gone to much Valentine effort so I tried to think of a (quick and easy) way to redeem myself. Since I normally subject Violet and Jeff, both big pasta lovers, to things like quinoa or buckwheat noodles with relatively healthy accompaniments (think vegetables and tuna) I decided to indulge them with their favourite dish as they like it. The way to my family's heart is through pasta and butter (chocolate works well too). What can I say, they are easy to please. (I added shrimp and lemon zest to the pasta and butter, but not much else. They both loved it.)

We've been sick and busy lately so it was nice to sit down and eat, just the three of us. I lit a few candles and put on classical music to try to set the mood. Violet came into the dining room and  said, "this is weird, Mummy". Maybe she was right, it was a little cheesy, but if you can't be cheesy on Valentine's day what has the world come to?

I hope you've spent the day with the ones you love.



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