Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lady Lou

I wanted to write this post on Sunday night, but I was too sad. I planned on writing it last night, but Lou's flight was delayed. So there you have it. Tonight it is.

My favourite/only sister moved to China today. Yes, China, couldn't be farther away if she tried China. I'm sad. It has been so nice having "Auntie Lou" around for the past two years. Who is going to eat fajitas at my house every time they come over? Vi, Jeff and I will miss her so much. She is the adventurous sort and I know she'll have an amazing time, but a big part of me wanted to scream, "Don't go. Don't leave me!" (I may have actually said both of those things through tears as we parted. I can't be held responsible for the things I say while balling my eyes out).

It was a sad day for the Harris clan. Happy-sad because we are proud of Lou and excited for her, but sad-sad because we love her so much and she is definitely the funniest of our family (mean funny by times, but that is our favourite kind of funny).

Travel safely sweet sister of mine. Please don't move to China forever my hair is already crazy, imagine what it would be like in Asian humidity. Also, I don't love crowds. For the love of Pete come home soon!



ps -- this is for you Lou

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