Friday, April 4, 2014

weekday reading

Normally I like to post my weekday reading list on a day other than Friday. We are all too busy to read articles online on a Friday night, right? Right. Jeff has a work commitment tonight (a fun one, don't feel bad), so it will be the Violet and Emily show on Roome St. I can almost guarantee in will involve watching Frozen for the seventieth time, but hey, I'll take the snuggles where I can get 'em! We have a low key weekend in store, which is just what the doctor ordered and you wanna know the best thing? I can see blue in the sky. It might be optimistic, but it feels a little more like spring. Finally! My snow rage was getting out of control!

Have a lovely weekend, friends!



I grilled halloumi last night and we had it with a simple salad, but this salad sounds amazing. Leave it to Yotam.

I know I should "leave my kid alone", but at the same time I want to coat the sidewalk with marshmallows and blow glitter in the air as she walks so her life is safe and beautiful. So hard to give kids freedom (at least it is for me).

Butter is back? Where did it go is the better question?

Speaking of butter, this is not the Domestic Goddess's year. I'm still on Team Nigella!

April is Autism awareness month. I loved this mum's story about her love/hate relationship with the disorder.

My dad hates peas, so as an act of rebellion I might make this green pea hummus #livedangerously

Would you mix your salad with your bare hands? Tips on avoiding common salad mistakes.

Our future nursery is super duper tiny (smaller than your closet, I would put money on it) but I've been thinking about using wallpaper on one wall and I love these. I think my favourite is Into the Wild.