Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Nannies and Aunties from away have been requesting an Easter update! We have had a lovely four day weekend. (I suppose it is rather early to call it, but three out of four days have been great). We've managed to squeeze in a neighbourhood egg hunt, lots of visits with Nanny and Pop (Vi's great grandparents), a church concert, and of course our annual family Easter dinner aka the only time any of us eat lamb all year! Jeff even took the whole day off from studying yesterday. I think that might be the first day since Christmas that he hasn't either worked or studied (and most days he does both)! Violet and I have a low key day in store, a little Frog Pond action this afternoon, but other than that just hanging out enjoying our double digit weather (fingers crossed!).

Here are some pictures I snapped this weekend.



{Isleville egg hunt with our neighbourhood besties}

{two peas in a pod}

{not sure what is going on here, but I picture the song "Happy" playing in the background}

{I'm sorry, is it 1950?}

{Vi hugging her baby bro}

{street dance party}

{this photo captures Vi's essence!}

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