Wednesday, April 9, 2014

buttered popcorn chocolate chip cookies

Saturday was a very rainy day in Halifax, not that I am complaining. If the rain takes away the awful white stuff still lingering along street curbs and in parking lots, then bring it on. After our usual morning routine (marketing and ballet-ing) Violet and I decided to get in the kitchen and make a treat for our main man who spends most of his spare time holed up in his office our future nursery studying things like "equity" and "fixed income". Could anything be more boring?

Jeff is a man with simple taste when it comes to dessert. There is almost nothing he'd choose over a regular ol' chocolate chip cookie and I love that about him. His Nanny's cookies were the best, his sister's are a close second and I've managed to wrangle third place on his list of all time favourites. Hey, I have a lifetime to improve my position on this one. I'm not worried. Anyway, let's be honest people, this whole cookie making adventure was not only about Jeff. Sure we wanted to make him a treat, but Vi and I are bored with regular old chocolate chip cookies. We wanted something more. (I should clarify we are not tired of eating them, rather the process has become a little less exciting than it was 50 odd batches ago).

Enter buttered popcorn chocolate chip cookies.

There really isn't much more to these cookies than the name implies. You simply make popcorn, make cookie dough and mix the two together. We simplified this process further by using Skinny Pop I bought at Costco (yum!) and making it significantly less skinny by adding melted butter. I will note that the dough to popcorn ratio seems bananas at first. I thought I must have misread the recipe. Do not despair, the popcorn gets much smaller once you give the batter a vigorous stir -- this was clearly Violet's favourite part of the whole ordeal.

Jeff was pleased with our offering, we had appealed to his love of sweet and salty while maintaining the integrity of his favourite dish. Wife and daughter win!

Here is where I got the recipe. I love Joy the Baker!



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