Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Last week Violet and I finished reading Pippi Longstocking. It was such a cute story. It had Violet belly laughing almost every night. That Pippi, such an imp! She was obviously the inspiration for Violet's weekend hairdo, although Vi was quite disappointed I couldn't get her braids to stick straight out. It is so fun to be able to read longer books with Vi now that she is a little older. I've been collecting children's classics since she was a baby and now we actually get to use them. (They were totally cute on her bookshelf this whole time, so no regrets on the early purchase ;) ).

I thought Vi might be ready for chapter books about a year ago and I asked her which one she'd like to start with. She choose Black Beauty, which I had never read. I thought I knew the story, well, I knew it was about a horse, but other than that I was in the dark. Spoiler alert: during the first chapter a young man dies and a horse is shot. Violet didn't find this as disturbing as I did, but it was the super moral undertone that really turned me off. The young boy was being reckless, he made bad choices and so he died. Oh, and the innocent horse's dealth was his fault too. Way too heavy for a four year old. Back to Fancy Nancy it was!

Earlier this winter we decide to try chapter books again. I asked the trusty staff at Woozles what they recommended as my next two choices were just as inappropriate as Black Beauty. (Huckleberry Finn -- (a) so hard to read aloud (b) race and class issues I'd rather not explain to my curious child at this point and Anne of Green Gables -- perfect in every way, but slow and boring when you are used to picture books.) They suggested Stuart Little -- of course! We started with Stuart (big hit), moved on to Charlotte's Web (again, big hit and not as devastating as you would have thought at the end) and then we branched out to Pippi. So fun! We just started reading The Borrowers this week, and I'm not as into as the other books we've read together, maybe because I didn't read it as a child myself.

What about you, do you read chapter books to your kiddos? Did you like being read to as a kid? I need more suggestions. I think she is too young for some of my faves (those mentioned above, and also The Hobbit and Narnia), but maybe not. I would love your suggestions.

Oh, also, Violet has suggested Wilbur as a good option for her baby brother's name. What do you think, Wilber or Dash?!




  1. We loved Little House on the Prairie, in fact I still read it now and again! I am not sure if Violet would be too young for this one or not, but my kids loved My Side of the Mountain, by Jean Craighead George. And my kids LOVE any books by Holling Clancy Holling, especially Pagoo, and Paddle to the Sea. The illustrations in them are fantastic, it is like a picture book and a chapter book in one, with lots of illustrations down the sides of the pages in pencil. They have most of his books at the library. If Violet likes horse books, the Misty of Chincoteague books by Marguerite Henry are great. Happy reading!

    1. Thanks, Ellie! I loved Little House of the Prairie when I was little. There is something about the pioneers I still love reading about. Thanks for the other suggestions too. We better get reading!

  2. Have you and Vi read the Winnie The Pooh books? Luke just finished reading them to Simon...for the second time!
    There's also the Ramona books, by Judy Blume. Sophia loves them!