Thursday, April 3, 2014

unabashed photo dump

So it would appear we have missed sharing Christmas (fun, but hormonally charged), Valentine's day (Bicycle Thief cake eaten out of styrofoam take out containers, bien sur), Vi's birthday (super sparkly), my birthday (super wrinkly) and Saint Patrick's day (as if we do anything on Saint Patrick's day, let's be honest). Feel caught up? Maybe these snaps will help:

Thanks for indulging me.



{did you miss me?}
{pretending to be Daddy - nailed it!}
{little reindeer -- thanks Susie!}

{resident breakfast maker extraordinaire}
{rang in the New Year with these ladies -- such a fun wedding Leah!}
{that face}
{Vi asked me to lay on her sheepskin rug so she could take my photo...}

{someone is FIVE - yes I cried}
{Bun in the oven outtakes} 
{baby's first selfie}

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  1. Vi will LOVE being a big sister!! ( And I decided I better start commenting on your blog more often...considering that I read it daily for well over a year and have only once commented, I better get my act together!)