Thursday, April 10, 2014

girl or boy?

Today is the day!

In a few short hours Jeff and I are heading to the IWK for our 20 week scan. We are on the 7th floor, which means one thing to Halifax mamas -- we'll be able to find out the sex of our baby, today! At least I am pretty sure that is what that means. Fingers crossed.

Do you have any guesses? What do you think? Another little girl, a mini-Violetta? Or a boy?

Violet wants a boy. She would like to name him Dash so they can be like Violet and Dash in The Incredibles. We just might be up for that! I think she knows deep down that a boy may be less likely to play with her toys and steal her clothes in the future, but she hasn't articulated that, she just knows she wants a brother. Her biggest fear is that the baby will have straight hair like the kind she lusts after and the kind her best friend has. So really Violet wants a boy or a curly haired girl. Anything but a sister will gorgeous pin straight hair will do.

Jeff wants a boy too doesn't care as long as our baby is healthy. That is a fact, but I'm sure he'd like to even out the estrogen/testosterone balance in our household (which would probably take an army of men, if we are being honest).

I honestly don't have a preference. I know girls. I am one and we have one, which brings me both great comfort and great fear about bringing another little lady into this world! A boy would be a new experience and it would be cool to get to raise a little man too. I am just so happy to finally be pregnant, I don't really care what is in there as long as it is healthy. I'm not picky!

I'll let you know tonight. Eeeek! So excited. Seriously, such fun!



ps -- all those cute (very expensive) clothes are from j crew baby.

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