Friday, August 2, 2013

vacation starts now!

I am so excited! No work for two whole weeks. More than two whole weeks really. We're heading to Ancaster tonight to spend a week with Jeff's family. I envision poolside lounging, golfing (him and mini her) and target visits (big her). Oh, I can't forget family BBQs, wedding dress shopping and being fed and taken care of every waking hour by the Ontario Ponds. Bliss.

Before we leave tonight I am dashing off to the valley to spend the afternoon with my sweet friend who is getting married the weekend we get back to Nova Scotia. There is nothing like an old friend, huh? I mean, we've known each other for more than a decade and we still laugh at the same things.

Once we get back from Ontario next week we are heading to Anne's Land where I can fulfil my dream of reading AOGG while on her fair island. We can also swim, eat mussels, hit up a lobster dinner in a local arena, collect sea glass and otherwise take 'er easy.

I haven't taken two weeks off since I started school when Violet was just 6 months old. I think we are due for a next long holiday.

Have a lovely long weekend and I'll meet you back here when I am blonder, more tan and a lot more relaxed. I'm bringing my computer with me (unless Jeff can convince me otherwise), so who knows I may pop by on a rainy afternoon!

Be well!



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