Thursday, August 8, 2013


{and we're off!}
Oh my gosh, how fast do vacations go! We are already back from the Ontario leg of our holiday. I cannot believe it. We had SO much fun, and saw SO many friends and family. We're back in Halifax to do some laundry and repack a few suitcases before we head to a cottage in PEI. I wanted to post a few pictures from our trip, but I couldn't narrow it down so you'll have to excuse the following photo dump. That's what happens when you have the cutest niece and nephew in Canada and of course a daughter who isn't too bad herself ;)

Enjoy these pictures. See you when we get home from the island. I can almost feel that beautiful red sand between my toes.




{even besties don't always agree}
{but they do make up quickly!}
{Jeff = awesome uncle}
{angry faces}

{glamour girls}
{African Lion Safari}

{look at that form}

{family night fun night the Ontario version}

{sweet cousins soothing a hive covered Lady Vi}
{Wes = also an awesome uncle}
{TV in bed}

{reading cards to newborn William}

{A Nanny, a book, and a happy little girl}

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