Monday, August 19, 2013

PEI aka heaven on earth (in the summer)

We're back. Since I have nothing more to say on that subject (my mother taught me well), I'll leave you with approximately 6000 photos. If each one really is worth a thousand words, I guess this is a really long blog post.


{chip smiles}
{chip thug faces}
{stop taking pictures of us eating chips, ma}
{learning to swim ain't always pretty}
{papas are the best}
{beach eatin'}
{serious about dogs}
{condiment queen}
{papa's perfect s'more}
{it was enjoyed}
{again, tourist}

{the bugs came out}
{attempt one}
{attempt two}
{before attempt three a chicken came out of the flowers and chased my mum!}
{g&ts in the sun}
{our beach/ little piece of heaven}

{Violet realizes we're heading home}

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