Thursday, August 22, 2013

Anne of Green Gables

Reading Anne of Green Gables on the beach in PEI was nothing short of magical. I sometimes wonder if life is too short to reread novels, but I hadn't technically read AOGG myself, so I was off the hook. Despite the fact I hadn't read the novel as an adult I've always felt like the story was close to my heart. My father read it to my siblings and I when we were young, I've seen the movie so many times we actually wore out the VHS tape and I sang along to the musical many summer nights with my cousins in PEI. Couple this exposure to all things Anne with annual sojourns to PEI and you have a deeply routed love for little Ms. Shirley.

My love only deepened this summer as I followed Anne through the Haunted Wood, the White Way of Delight, Violet Vale and of course her beloved Green Gables. I marvelled at Anne's use of language and her healthy imagination. I fell more in love with Matthew and the tender love he pours on Anne. I wept bitterly when I read of his death. How many times can a person mourn a fictional character's death?! I also loved Marilla more than I did when I was a child. I always knew she was a kindred spirit deep down, but I had forgotten how funny she was and for the first time I think I understood the magnitude of the gift she and Matthew gave Anne. I also loved how driven Anne is. How refreshing to read about a young women who is dedicated to academic excellence. This has to have been rare when this book was written, no? What a great  role model for little girls everyone (big girls too).

All of this to say, read/ reread Anne of Green Gables if you get a chance this summer. Anne Shirley is one of the most delightful characters to ever light up the written page. In fact, I have decided to try and be more like Anne: imaginative, optimistic, hard-working and so so grateful.



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