Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer is not over!

{dog days}

I keep hearing this is the last week of the summer. Would you say winter is almost over on the 26th of February? I didn't think so. We still have three glorious weeks of summer left and I for one have decided to enjoy every last minute of it. I'm going to keep the beach bag in the trunk and the BBQ fired up until it snows. Who's with me?

A week or so ago we headed to Hirtle's Beach for the afternoon. I know I've said other beaches are my favourite, but I think this one takes the award for most stunningly beautiful beach in Nova Scotia. It also takes the award for fanciest cottages dotted along the shore and most glamorous beach bums. Basically, Hirtle's Beach is Nova Scotia's answer to Saint Tropez (hashtag major exaggeration). 

I know there is a nip in the air and that school starts next week and that thick knit sweaters are starting to have a certain appeal, but if you are still inclined to feel salt in your hair and sun on your skin please join me in enjoying the remains of this the fairest of seasons. It is the only time of year it makes any sense to live in Canada. 



{Hirtle's Beach}

{gluten free muffins every bit as yummy as their gluten-full counterpart} 

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