Monday, July 15, 2013

The *Lemon-ese* Festival

Violet loves Lebanese Lemon-ese food so she was pretty excited when I told her we were going to the Lebanese festival this weekend. Is there anything yummier than Middle Eastern food? I look forward to this event every year. Violet is just learning about bad breath (she loves telling us we having morning breath when she crawls in bed for pre-dawn cuddles) and she thinks it is pretty funny stuff. She was killing herself laughing as she blew garlic breath in her dad's face. If you too find bad breath funny, feel free to adapt Violet's attempt at a prank to your own needs. 

This was her approach:

{devour a plate of delicious Lebanese fare}
{ask your dad for a lift and blow garlic breath in his face}

{laugh the hardest at your own prank}
{your dad will tell you he still loves you, garlic breath and all} 
{but he will make you walk}


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  2. Thanks Nat! I'm pretty partial to her myself ;)