Friday, July 12, 2013

clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose

Oh hello there, Friday. So nice to see you again. You've brought with you a promising forecast for the weekend? You shouldn't have.I promise to take full advantage of your generous offering by spending as much time as possible out of doors, preferably next to a body of water. I'm thinking the ocean is an obvious choice. Does that sound good to you? Great.

May this weekend remind you of why you put up with crappy Nova Scotian weather for (at least) nine months of the year. Now go, soak up that sun. Put your computer down!

Meet you back here next week, friends! 



{lettuce from our very own kitchen garden}
{the one and only lady Vi, s'more eater extraordinaire}
{is that a smile I see? I was holding out on you the other day. Violet does still smile. For the right price ;)}

According to the Internet:

Even a domestic goddess can choose an idiot for a husband

It is probably a good idea I couldn't convince Jeff to let me get backyard chickens

These burgers look amazing. (Do you suppose three cuts of beef make a difference?)

It is possible to fold a fitted sheet, genius!

Finland is the new Denmark (because now I want to move there)

Read this so you can contribute to conversations about the royal baby with confidence ;)

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