Friday, April 5, 2013

clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose

Four day work weeks are the best (assuming three, two and one day work weeks are off the table). Woo hoo the weekend is upon us. We don't have any crazy plans, but tomorrow I'm going to be geeking it out at a one day course called "Ladies Learning Code". You see what I do for you my fine friends, I'm trying to improve this old blog for your viewing pleasure and I think I need to understand a little more about the technical side of the interweb. I have no idea what HTML or CSS are, but by tomorrow at five I will. Not sure it will make one iota of difference in how I blog, but it may. I'm up for the challenge.

By the way, who wouldn't want to sign up for a seminar called Ladies Learning Code -- such a cute name. (Yes, that is in large part why I enrolled. Don't judge).

In other news, my cold is still hanging on but since my goal in life is to defy Margaret Wente I came to work every day this week (like the vast majority of public servants would). I found myself googling tuberculosis last night, so maybe I should have just stayed home...

Here are some snaps of our Easter weekend and some links to things I learned online this week. Do you guys like the links? Should I keep sharing? I know you have google too...

Have a lovely weekend friends, meet you back here on Monday.



{Violet in her Parasian scarf at the market. So continental for a Satuday morning.}
{I meant to say this last weekend...}
{better late than never?}
{Rhymic gymnastics are where it is at. Thanks Sopie for the awesome birthday present}
{and she hasn't even seen Clueless...yet}
{dance moves like her mama...yikes!}
{she knows she's got it!}
{I said, "Act natural Violet". This is actually quite natural for her. Fair enough.}
According to the internet:

Bed time with kids doesn't have to be torture

You should marry young

You should not marry young

A healthy relationship doesn't depend on your age or maritial status, and if you happen to be in one thank your lucky stars

(the internet can be confusing)

Money cannot buy good taste, but it can buy you a giant dollar sign lit up like a Christmas tree which is way better anyway

There is a yummy new restaurant coming to the North End

It is impossible to read this article and not think of Gweneth Paltrow, am I right? (This is the funniest thing I have read in a while)

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