Wednesday, April 10, 2013

a sleepover for grown-ups

I am going to visit my best girlfriends in Calgary tomorrow morning. I literally cannot wait. We're going to spend half our time in the city and the other half in Canmore. My amazing friend Jayme owns two restaurants in Calgary (here & here) and my other amazing friend Aja manages one of them. I've spent the last three years hearing about how awesome these restaurants are (from people who have eaten there, not from them) and and I am so excited to finally try them myself. I am equally excited to see the burgeoning belly of my sweet friend Quinny. She's having her first baby this summer. I love me a pregnant belly!

I'm a little apprehensive leaving Violet, she is home sick today, poor bean, and I hate to leave her when she is under the weather. I am also triple quadruple crossing my fingers that I don't get sick while I am away. That would be the worst. I am exercising mind over matter at this point. I will not get sick, I will not get sick. (I've always considered us a healthy bunch, but this winter has been a doozy. When we've gotten hit, we've been hit hard. Just another reason I cannot wait for Spring!) Send some good health vibes our way if you think of it.

An all girls weekend is just what the doctor ordered. As I've mentioned before, you can't beat a good girlfriend. I am so looking forward to a weekend full of good food, great chats and lots of laughs.

I'll undoubtedly take a million pictures while I'm there. Consider yourself warned.



Image Source: Carraig Beag

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