Tuesday, April 16, 2013


^^^love these ladies to death
^^ telling stories at Ox
Oh, we told stories. 

There is something about old friends. The way you slip so comfortably back into sisterhood. As my friend Aja pointed out, it was like I never left. Great friends -- kindred spirits -- are like that. We laughed. We ate. We cried, but only because we were laughing so hard. We also talked a lot about cosmetics (that is an inside joke feminist friends, which better be all my friends come to think of it). The weekend was the perfect balance of reminiscing and creating new memories. 

Calgary tried to ruin our visit by pretending it was always winter and never Christmas, but even snow in April didn't dampen our spirits. I had an amazing mini-vacation and only the thought of our next holiday together can ease the pain of not being able to spend weekly afternoons drinking coffee, sipping smoothies or eating legumes with my lady friends. 



ps -- my hair misses Calgary just as much as I do. Humidity, you make my skin feel amazing and I can breath without feeling knives in my nose, but I would trade you for smooth hair any day of the week. 

Here are some pictures of a few of my favourite people: 

one of my three fur nieces, Penny
^^^dinner at Una

^^^drank lots of this stuff, the three hour time change did me in
gorgeous Jayme
^^family photo
^^kindred spirits 
another set of sisters

^^dinner at Ox

^^I don't know who that is, but isn't the Ox and Angela pretty?