Monday, September 10, 2012

stormy weather

{Violet this morning in the dark of the storm -- "how can I embarrass my mum today"}

We know each other right? I feel comfortable with you and you feel comfortable with me? The reason I ask is because tonight's discussion will take a turn for the unladylike at around paragraph five. I'm talking about bathroom talk people. Well, you can't say you weren't warned.

Today did not start out so well. It was pitch dark an hour past my usual wake-up call and morning run so I couldn't go. I blame my dad. Not for the weather, although he is fairly attuned to the man in the sky so perhaps he could have done something about that too; I blame him for my paralyzing fear of being outside alone in the dark. We were never, I repeat never, allowed to walk home alone after dark -- and we basically lived in the safest place in the world. Every time I think about going for a run before dawn I hear my dad's voice -- "it just isn't worth it Em". But, Dad I really don't want cellulite. Argh, fine, point taken. Run missed.

Then there was the delightful walk to work in the rain. Rain doesn't even begin to cover magnitude of precipitation I experienced this morning. I had no umbrella (ask Jeff why, if I can't say anything nice I won't say anything at all. That is just the kind of wife I am). Luckily Susie (Violet's other mother) saved me by loaning me a longer raincoat then the one I arrived at her house in. I still got soaked. My skirt also bunched up so when I arrived at work it looked like all I had on were a jacket and boots, and not in a good way.

But later in the morning things were looking up. My friend bought me tea and a pastry. The tide seemed to be turning. My day was brightening.

Then the final blow came. When Violet and I got home from work/ school I told her I wasn't feeling that well. I wasn't. My stomach was a little off so I made myself some tea. A few hours later Violet was on the phone with my dad -- it was so cute to overhear their conversation: "How was your day....yeah, is Nana feeling...ohhh good." But then I heard this, "I think my mummy has diarrhea."


Oh dear. I tried to take the phone from her to explain to my dad I hadn't been feeling well, but it was too late, he was gone.

So embarrassing.

I'd like a do-over on today please. Scratch that, I'd like it to be Friday.



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