Friday, September 7, 2012

bad luck

{running on the beach just a few days ago}
On Wednesday night my mum fell down three steps while carrying a case of diet coke to her basement. Their house is old and the steps are steep, but it wasn't very far to fall. Being the ironwoman she is she got herself up with the help of my dad and entertained guests for the rest of the night. We were there and I really had no idea she had broken her hip. She seemed fine-ish -- in pain, but laughing it off. The details of the event are her story not mine, but the long and the short of it is that she is resting comfortably after having surgery on her hip yesterday afternoon. Needless to say we are all in a bit of shock. She is so young and healthy. Look at her frolicking on the beach in the picture -- that was this week. I guess these things happen occasionally -- flukes. I am so thankful she didn't hit her head, or do more damage to her body. We expect a full recovery and I won't cut her any slack on our future runs. She had just started really getting into it. I still see a 5K in our future.

The silver lining is that we can spend the first few months of the fall watching the Gilmore Girls, every Jane Austen series she owns (which is obviously all of them) and eating rice pudding. Oh and Downton Abbey starts soon too...bedroom parties every weekend until we get this woman up and running again.



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