Sunday, September 9, 2012

it's the most wonderful time of the year

{so excited for dance class}
Dance class resumed this week! Yippee, an activity that is never rarely accompanied by tears. Violet has been waiting all summer for this, or wait, was that me? Violet was pretty pumped when I reminded her last night.

We had to switch studios this fall because the two available time slots for Vi's age group conflicted with the market and church. At her new studio dancers of all ages have to wear a "uniform". All the kids in creative movement (pre-pre-ballet) have to wear blue bodysuits and pink footless tights. This displeased Violet who much preferred her tulle embellished pink satin bodysuit and sparkly sweater she had become accustomed to wearing. There were tears. Threats were made. The blue bodysuit was donned. I swear if Red is Best hadn't already been written, I would have been inspired by Violet to write it (it would be called Pink is Best though).

Violet marched into her dance class gave me a kiss and I said goodbye. Parents were welcome to observe the first class but I knew if I was there Violet would want to sit with me so I opted to wait in the hall. I was there for at least 15 minutes. Then Ms. V (the teacher) came out, "is Violet's mum here?". Well, at least we lasted 15 minutes. There were live drums in the class and worse they were being played by a man. Couple that with scary parent observers and you'll have a very uncomfortable Violet. "I want my old dance class" she wailed. "We can quit church or stop going to the market," I thought to myself. Or we could give this more than a week and let her get comfortable -- that seems more rational than giving up our religious values, no?

So we are off to a slightly rocky start. Has anyone dealt with a child who was nervous in activities? Violet is great at daycare, loves Sunday school, has sleepovers with friends -- she just doesn't seem to like to perform alone in front of adults. If you met her you'd assume she'd love the attention.

I wish I was a child psychologist, although I would always have a hard time spelling my occupation which could be awkward...



{she calls this move "V for Violet"}

{the difference between running and  dancing is hard for the naked eye to observe}

{she has the diva thing down}

{a few of the girls trickling into class}

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