Thursday, September 13, 2012

a tall stack

I woke up early this morning and I peeked in on my sleeping babe. She looked so sweet in her footsie jam jams, all cozy in her favourite pink blanket. I will make you pancakes, I said to myself. And so I did. A tall stack for my small girl.

I always feel a little smug if I manage to squeeze something extra into my morning routine. I felt like super-mum, flipping pancakes, drinking milky tea all with a towel on my head. That is, I felt smug until we were scrambling and the September traffic almost made me late for work. At that point I felt like an idiot for thinking I could make a hot breakfast on a Thursday morning.

Perhaps pancakes are better weekend fare afterall.

Try Nigella's take on "American" pancakes: quick, easy and not without a healthy dose of butter. The recipe is here:, but I totally recommend her book How to Be A Domestic Goddess. Get yourself a scale and get baking!



{batter before the sun comes up}

{does anyone really eat pancakes this way?}

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