Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Photo by emilyandjeffrey 

It all started with an attempt to add warmth to our front entrance. I've been admiring photo rails online for a while now and I thought our very own would make the perfect addition to our basic foyer (it is laughable to refer to our front hall as a foyer, but that won't stop me). 

While we were in Ontario a few weeks ago we did as all Nova Scotians "abroad" do -- we went to Ikea. We went for two things, just two I swear, but somehow a photo rail and an inordinate number of picture frames ended up in that cursed blue bag. Everything is so cheap -- I couldn't help myself. 

Anyhow, Jeff put up the rail and I printed a few photos at Blacks. We still have some empty frames to fill, but I have to say I am not digging the look. I feel like I have created a veritable shrine to Violet. We only have one kid and I'd rather have a shrine to her than a shrine to myself or Jeff, but I have a feeling it will be bordering on creepy for all who dare to enter.

Welcome to our home, we hope you love us as much as we love ourselves. Look how good looking our child is -- more is more, we always say. 

I'd be freaked out.

I'm hoping if I add a few older pictures, say of my grandparents wedding or engagement or even childhood pictures of my parents the effect will be more what I was going for. 

Why is nothing as easy as it looks on Pinterest?



ps -- as always advice is welcome (especially if you have exceptional taste -- come on, you know you do) 


  1. :) There are shrines to my two girls all over our house! LOL. But I do find that our photo rail gets overwhelmed with too many. What about a pretty picture she drew/painted in a frame? Or a beautiful thank you card? Once you get some Christmas cards, that's a great thing to add to a photo rail. Mine currently has three pictures of the girls, two handmade drawings and one thank you card.

    Hope this helps...

  2. I love the idea of adding Violet's art. Thanks Elizabeth!

    Who can blame us for putting up shrines to our beautiful, beautiful girls ;)