Thursday, September 25, 2014

Big School and Breakfast Conundrums

Violet started school this fall. I have lots of feelings on the subject, but this is not a blog post about letting your baby go off into the big wide world. This is a post about trying to feed that baby before she goes out into the world so she doesn't ostracize herself with bad behaviour brought on by low blood sugar. 

Sweet Violet has difficulty with breakfast. She is just not into it. I've been lucky because Violet will eat almost anything, but she will not eat at almost any time. As someone who wakes up ravenous I have trouble relating to her, but my sister is the same way so I have some experience with this mysterious breed. 

One morning Violet took over 45 minutes to eat one piece of toast with sunbutter -- I could have eaten it in under a minute easily. Hence the timer in the photo above, yes it has come to that, we actually time Violet's breakfast. Fifteen minutes is all you get at Em & Jeff's school of hard knocks. 

We've tried almost everything to appeal to Violet's tastebuds first thing in the morning: smoothies with almond butter and cocoa, eggs in their many incarnations, hot cereal, cold cereal, toast with every topping known to man, all to no avail. 

My mum had the bright idea to send Violet home with an extra large ziplock bag of fluffy white pancakes after their sleepover on the weekend. Voila! A breakfast Violet could get behind. I wondered if I could pack a little more wholesome goodness into Violet's morning meal and the internet did not let me down. The carrot pancakes pictured above wouldn't win an award for thier nutrition, but getting Violet to eat veggies and some nuts before school is good enough for me.

The pancakes are easy and Vi likes them hot with syrup or cold with maple butter - like a muffin, according to her...right...I think they taste like carrot cake without the icing (so basically not nearly as good as carrot cake, but good for a pancake, okay). 

In my few weeks of experience, kids in grade primary can be a bit of a challenge. However, when Violet crawled into bed with me the other morning, hugged me and told me I smelled like a waffle cone, all was forgiven. It really is a good thing they are still cute at this age, because holy!



Get the recipe for these delicious pancakes here:

A few shots (from my phone) of my number one school girl crush:

{day one}
{Violet's preferred mode of transportation}
{getting crazy on the slide}
{the consummate poser}

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