Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Newborn Photo Shoot with Charlotte Griffiths Photography

We don't normally get our photos taken professionally every few months, but since you don't have a newborn baby every day we asked Charlotte to come back and capture our family just after Harrison came home.

I've gone on about how much we love Charlotte, but it is possible that she is at her best when capturing new babes and the families who are welcoming them. What you will see in the images below is an adoring family and a tranquil babe. What you will not see are bodily fluids, including but not limited to tears, baby poo, baby pee and milk (lots and lots of milk). One of the great things about Charlotte is that none of this bothers her. She knows babies poop and pee without pause and doesn't mind if that happens to be on her beautiful blankets. She knows that it is hard being a big sister and that a new one might like being her assistant for the morning. And she knows that a mum may need to nurse her new baby if he makes even the teeniest squeak, because that is what mums of fresh babies need to do sometimes. Charlotte gets it and that is why it is such a pleasure to have her in your home even during those crazy, sleepless, hormonally charged first few days with a new baby.

We are so happy with the photos Charlotte gave us. I want to print them all. We have to add Harrison to the shrines of Violet that cover our walls and table tops after all.

Check out more of Charlotte's work on her beautiful website:

I hope you enjoy this little look at our little family.