Friday, September 19, 2014

Baby Pond aka Harrison's Nook

{newborn Harrison in his nook -- photo by the wonderful Charlotte Griffiths}
I wrote a post similar to this one last night and I somehow deleted it. It was basically devastating. I've heard horror stories about PhD students losing their theses in the final hours before submission and if you would have seen the look on my face last night you would have believed me if I said that is what happened. Irrationally upset was I. Anyway, I've managed to move on, but boy was that a great post...

What I had wanted to share with you last night and what I am excited to share with you now is a little look at sweet Harrison's nook. Little is definitely the operative word! These photos are Charlotte's handiwork, (all but the poorly lit two at the end, those are mine):

I know what you're thinking, that room is small! I think it is around eight by six, a small closet by today's standards! We have, however, made the best of it, and I don't think Harrison has noticed the discrepancy between the size of his room and the size of his sister's room. Fodder for future therapy sessions I'm sure.

My dad was kind enough to paint the room and I requested "Going to the Chapel" by Benjamin Moore. If you are wondering if I chose the paint because of the name the answer is heck yes. How could I not? Such a cute name. I actually expected the colour to be more grey, less beige, but in most lights it looks more like the latter. I think that the colour suits the room because it is bright - great for such a small space - and a little warmer than the colour I had initially envisioned, which is quite nice for a nursery. 

I suppose we chose a subtle (I hope) nautical theme for Harrison's space. We went with the rope rug I mentioned in my first nook post and I found a couple ocean themed prints to display on the shelves we hung above his crib. My friend Amelia bought us the fisherman pendant light after I asked her if she liked it (she has great taste), how sweet was that? It really adds to the room and makes me want to change the boring old light fixtures that light up the rest of our house. 

The only thing that has really changed since these photos were taken is the window treatment. I finally got around to getting a roman shade made after finding the sweetest grey and white polka dot fabric at my new favourite shop, Patch Halifax. Have you been? Such a great store with such a sweet owner. It makes me want to learn to sew! Check it out, it is in the building where Nurtured used to be on Robie St. You'll love it, I promise. 

I do wish Harrison's room had a little more room. I'd love to rock him to sleep in there and a closet would be nice, but it really is cozy and all in all I am happy with how it turned out. It is a sweet little room for a sweet little boy. 



{literature and a photo of Harrison's fan club}
{shelves added for more storage, but not used to store anything overly practical!}
{every baby has a Sophie,  it is practically a requirement}
{this guy is the cutest thing in his nook times a million}
{thanks Ames! we love our fisherman light}
{the coziest rug in Christendom}

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